Storytelling in Tóta tánon Ohkwá:ri

By Nathalie Montero Zubieta

Political, social and cultural infrastructures build and influence social interactions by the internalization of the dominant cultures’ practices (Bourdieu 1980, 88-89). This theory of practice demonstrates the reproduction and re-forming of colonization practices in Indigenous identities through the education system. In Canada, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission pinpointed the Indigenous cultural genocide occurred under the residential schools period (TRC, 2015, page 5). Read More

Government Action Plans

The Project of a Generation: Plan Nord 2011

by Amanda Claudia Bos & Lotte Frencken

The Plan Nord is a development strategy launched by the Government of Québec in 2011, which covers the territory north of the 49th parallel, equivalent to 72% of Québec’s area. It aims to create economic returns and increase the labour market for a population of over 120 000 people, including 40 000 Aboriginals, while respecting the communities residing this territory. Plan Nord’s purpose has been to open up “new horizons to future generations of Quebecers and [to] offer the world the example of modern, sustainable, harmonious development.” (Plan Nord 2011, 7) Read More

Indigenous Responses to Mining and Colonialism in Schefferville

By Charles O’Connor

Premier Phillippe Couillard says, that in re-launching Plan Nord, “[n]ous le faisons dans le but d’optimiser les retombées économiques dans les communautés locales et autochtones du Nord et dans toutes les régions du Québec (Gouvernment du Quebec, 2015, III)”.  Unfortunately for the Innu, the new Plan Nord offers no promises of restoring abandoned mine sites around Schefferville, Quebec. Read More

The Forestry Toolbox Strategy

By Ramnik Riar

The forestry industry is one of Canada’s top primary resource sectors. Members of the First Nations in Quebec formed the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI) and have developed the forestry toolbox in order to advocate sustainable forestry management. The forestry toolbox is a tool used by First Nations which is aimed at sustainable resource management of ancestral lands. Read More