The Role of Women in Mining

By Amanda Claudia Bos

The Plan Nord 2.0 plans to create new jobs in the mining industry in the territory above the 49th parallel. Because the mining sector is predominantly a masculine environment, this brings questions about how the Plan Nord will benefit women. The Féderation Interprofessionnelle de la Santé du Quebec states that a study on mining in Labrador shows that significantly less women than men enter the mining field and therefore get lower paid occupations, while men often have stable functions Read More

Women & Plan Nord: For Equality in Northern Development

By Sarah Amira Aldridge

In taking an in-depth analysis into the third chapter of “Women and Plan Nord: for Equality in Northern Development” the interconnectedness between gender and culture is exposed. Specifically in sections 3.1.5-3.2.2, the lack of consultation between representatives of the Plan Nord and Indigenous women above and below the 49th parallel is evidence of the institutionalization of sexism in Canada. Read More