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Welcome to the Indian Act Wiki

This wiki is being created by the students enrolled in the The Indian Act course, First Peoples Studies Program, School of Community and Public Affairs at Concordia University. It summarizes the history of the Indian Act and its impacts on First Nations in Canada. This includes discussion of the events leading up to its imposition, its implications for First Peoples cultures and societies, as well as related policies and other instruments of assimilation and colonization. Issues of accommodation and resistance are discussed. Effects of proposed changes to the Indian Act are analysed and alternative solutions are explored in the last section.

The Indian Act Other contents
Pre and Post Confederation

Interwar period and the 1951 Indian Act

Band Membership and Governance

Cultural Impacts – Banning of the Potlatch

Residential Schools

The White Paper and Citizen Plus

Women's Rights, Bill C-31 and Bill C-3

Oka Crisis, RCAP and the Land Management Act

Land Claims

Beyond the Indian Act?

Student Bios

Student reflections